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Posted: August 17, 2010 in Sprint
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So I was thinking of something witty for my title. Something that would describe my hobby which is running of course and at the same time be not too generic. While doing so, Rome, the HBO mini series and my current addiction is playing in the background and they were talking about swines for no reason. I am tempted to say that that was my eureka moment but actually it was not. Not at all. So I kept on thinking more while eating my kit-kat (after finishing 4 pieces of krispy kreme original glaze of course.. hmm.. sooo goood..) in bed and then there it was, the moment I felt like a pig and as if in synchrony I heard the word swine yet again. I am not even sure what they were talking about during that episode however I knew the word swine should be in my title, and thus the sprinting swine was born. Good thing those two words though completely opposite actually rhymes.

So being a sprinting swine, you can say that I am not the fastest runner out there. True. I have been running for a year and a half and the farthest I have ran is a full marathon. Luckily I was able to finish the Singapore Marathon 2009 for my first year anniversary as a runner although it was waaaay below my target. Hey I even saw the bullrunner, finish way ahead of me. I hated the feeling of running during that time not because of the route since Singapore isthe best city there is but simply because I knew I was not prepared for it. Right after my 10th km I was already  feeling fatigued and there was this clicking sound on my right knee (irritating) which could nothing be but bad news. So during the marathon I promised myself not to let poor me endure that pain again. Hell I was wrong, right after crossing the finish line while limping of course, I told myself that I would outdo 2009.

crazy people in singapore 2009

So as a protest against the sport that inflicted me with unbearable pain and disappointment I stopped running for almost 2 months. Boy was the swine in me really happy during that time. But that was until the lottery results for the best marathon in the world, the New York City Marathon came out. Yes! I was accepted with my first try. I guess that was the universe telling me to keep on running and stop eating kit-kat and so I did, run that is, after all, its the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Today is actually my third week in training so far I feel good not fast nor strong but good enough.

So I am actually writing this blog just to keep myself on track with my training. Being a natural swine makes it hard to stay far from sweets like my dear kit-kat but having a blog somehow  makes training a little bit easier especially if you are trying to show off. So, I will be posting my daily runs here if anything special happens and of course my almost weekly weekend races. Let’s see how far this sprinting swine can go. Oh I forgot, I am aiming for a sub 4-hours. So I really need all the luck I can get. Swine swinging out. (rhymes yet again)

  1. rose consuelle says:

    i didnt know that you can write well jec!lol! update us here and Goodluck…. wag ka muna daw mgkitkat… and 4pcs of krispy kreme di ka nahilo?hehe

    oh cge na nga i-LIKE ko na tong blog mo….

  2. Dennis says:

    Good luck Jesy! im sure it will be a great experience 🙂

  3. @ dennis Wow the great RFB! Thank you sir! hehe thank you for visiting my blog
    @ rose haha may like function ba dito?

  4. kulitrunner says:

    oh, hey a new blog. hopefully, one that’s a good read. 😉 good luck on your running and blogging! 🙂

  5. thesolemates says:

    kitkat and krispy kreme – LIKE! haha

    happy running and blogging!

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