Last 800 meters with my nike pegasus

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Sprint
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Hmm, now that I am thinking about it, the title does seem like I am quitting running. Well, I am not. To clear things up (with an imperial Rome tone), I sprinting swine, here by announce that it was my shoe who have given up on me and not vice versa. So i guess lady luck is truly on my side with this one. First day of training right after my first blog entry and there it was, my shoe sole just went awol on me.

How it happened  was actually one of the most embarrassing moments in my life although it would not reach my top 10. Definitely not. Let’s just say I have been through unimaginable cases. Jumping straight into a clear glass wall in a hotel and fainting right after would probably be at the tail end. Oh another one would be helping a girl, a complete stranger mind you, park her car and end up crashing it to another car.

Well, what happened earlier was weak compared to some of my cases, although I bet some people might even cringe with the thought of it. So there I was, smack in the middle treadmill of Fitness First Gym (Fact: I always stay in the middle for people to notice how long I have been running, even though the sweat in my shirt more than makes up for it. Like what I said before, a little audience can pressure you to do things you would not normally do) back to the story, so there I was, pumping myself up with puso by sponge cola which is my current power song. I then hit the treadmill quick start button with my ipod playing “matalo kung matalo, wag ka sanang magkakamaling sumuko nalang wooho” right on que. With this mantra in my head, how can I run a slow warm up? Right there and then I switched it from a slow jog to a full sprint and I was really feeling it. (By now, I knew the person beside me is trying to glance at my speed.) Today is actually one of those days wherein running does not feel like a chore at all. So all hyped up, I even tried to sing-along for a bit “para san pa mga galos mo kung titiklop ka lang, titiklop ka lang? (not too loud of course) Then boom! Right in front of me is a black UFO flying just in the right trajectory to hit the person running in front. Touchdown!!!

After explaining and giving out even more awkward remarks, I was running through high street. Not really running away because of embarrassment but more of looking for a new shoe. What was I suppose to do? I was all hyped up! This moment may never come back. “Para san pa mga galos ko kung titiklop lang?” So I ended up buying a nike vomero, which literally feels like running on marshmallows. So I guess I was really lucky today since I hated my old shoe plus I now have a great new shoe which I bought on sale! Right on my way back to gym I went on a detour to eat a croissant in starbucks with my current addiction, the dark coffee jelly frap, not because I was hungry but only because I had to make sure my treadmill neighbors were all gone.

At the end of the day I ran 8KM with 42 mins., not bad after all I have been through. So kids what’s the moral of today’s story? Whatever embarrassing moment you are going through, sprinting swine has been through worse.

  1. rose consuelle says:

    haha jec tawa ko ng tawa ….

  2. wow! wumowordpress ka na..

  3. yna says:

    hahahahaha.. nice!

  4. haha hindi ko malaman kung pano to.. pano maglagay ng blogroll???

  5. gaile says:

    this is such a funny entry! ano ba yan. i didn’t know about the girl and the car you crashed. ano nangyari dun? did you pay for it?! so vomero eh? i’ll buy that here. so yung 7K, discounted na yon?! edi ang mahal!!!!

  6. funny bro! anyway, nice blog! didn’t register for “miles for smiles” 😦 kelan next run mo?

    • thank you sir! naghahanap pa nga ako kung san next eh. baka pocari next week tapos figaro the week after. kaw ba?

      • My schedule for the meantime. hehe! kita kits bro!

        12-Sep FS Run(fort) Sunday 16k
        25-Sep 4th Auto review(fort) Saturday 10k
        10-Oct Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig Sunday 21k
        17-Oct October Running Sunday 21k
        24-Oct Adidas Kotr 2010 Sunday 21k
        7-Nov New Balance Power Race(clark) Sunday 25k
        21-Nov RunRio Trilogy Leg 3 Sunday 32k
        28-Nov Greennovation Sunday 15k
        5-Dec 2nd QCIM Sunday 42k
        12-Dec Milo Marathon Finals Sunday 21k
        19-Dec Run for Change Sunday 15k

      • haha kumpleto ahh.. sige sige halos sasalihan ko din lahat yan eh..

      • Noel says:

        looked at the list.. may 21k pa ba sa ilog pasig run? curious lang, parang nabasa ko sa na wala na eh..

      • Yeap, just checked sa rox.. Walang nakasulat na 21k sa reg.. Tsk tsk.. Sayang un pa naman din ang target ko

  7. RunningAtom says:

    You should send this article to Nike, they might give you a sole replacement or discount of some sort, LOL!

    Really embarrassing experience but at least, you’ve got the hype back afterwards. Very funny post.

    Keep on running Swine 😉

  8. Noel says:

    nice blog! saw your comment on my blogsite so i visited yours. i’ll add you to my blogroll, ok?

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