Miles for Smiles

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Sprint
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After Gaile left for Manchester, I was clueless which race I should join. Since for the past few months she has been the one scheduling our Sunday races. So just like any other Filipino runner I checked the ever trusty race calendar then Boom! The perfect race for me! Miles for Smiles!

Now there are four reasons as to why this race cannot be more perfect.

First Reason: According to the marathon training program which I downloaded from Runner’s World UK, I am suppose to do a 11 mile slow run during that day. So that means I would only need to  add 1.6 kilometers after the race.  That is if ever I would register for the 16km race. Well, I guess everybody knows how hard it is to actually run the whole 11 miles alone. Even if I do have a world of my own while running, it does get boring sometimes.(To combat boredom I pften recite Spongecola’s puso in my head, especially during the last stretch)

Second Reason: I need to do a long run since I am eager to test drive my new nike vomero and during that time I believe Miles for Smiles has the longest race route, which is 16km. I tell you guys, I think me and my vomero are meant for each other. If only I saw her  during my early racing days, my feet and knees would not have endured so much pain. The only thought that’s bothering me right now is her lifespan. After about 18kms of running I can see degradation already. Nike, why do you do this to me? Making me love a shoe then taking it back right away? hehe.. (see? living in my own world yet again.)
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0AThird Reason: I have an older brother who died when he was just three years old. He was born a blue baby and has a cleft lip and palate. The least I can do for him is to join this event, which can give chances for those like him, to live a normal life. I think we Filipinos are part of the few who misjudge and mistreat people according to their appearances. Having and being a part of this race against cleft lip and palate can raise awareness about things that we can do something about. (and who said having these races for a cause is but a profitable opportunity? Guilty as charged)

Fourth Reason: (Warning: please skip, mushiness approaching) This actually is my first race without Gaile, so maybe, just maybe if I run for miles as fast as I could, I could end up having a smile on my face. (ok, kill me now. haha)

I finished the 16km race with 1:21:39. (not yet sure of my ranking since official results are not yet out) Way faster than my target and a personal best. I guess I was right, there will always be a reason to smile for. Wink, wink.

Update: Finish Time: 1:21:30, Ranking: 32nd out of 482 16k runners

  1. Gaile says:

    awwww…just focus on the goal! ok? i’m finding it hard to run here as well. i’ve no running buddies and you know how gym averse i am. i have no choice though. if i want to run, i have to get myself a gym membership. i hope we get accepted to the london marathon. that’s enough of an encouragement on my end. i miss you.

  2. Glenn Pogi says:

    Hi Kuya Jet, I think im not gon eat dairy for 2 days because of your post. hahahaha. Kidding 🙂 Nice blog!

  3. kathy says:

    Wow, you’re fast, and perhaps really inspired! :))

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