T-Day is coming!

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Sprint
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Training for a marathon has its ups and downs. Imagine doing things you would not normally do for almost four months just for a half day event. How crazy is that right? A perfect example would be what I would be doing tomorrow morning. First, I would have to sleep early and make an excuse not to go to karaoke night with friends (not much of a secret now). Second, I would have to wake up early on a Sunday morning and mind you, I do not have a two day weekend job. Sunday is suppose to be my only rest day. Now, the second part can actually be enjoying especially if I would be waking up for a Runrio event but the thing is, tomorrow is actually one of my most dreaded days. Tomorrow is  T-Day. Haaaaay…

Ok for those with question marks on their foreheads, let me clear things up. T-Day was actually the day wherein you practiced with your piano when you were young. It was the day you studied accounting. It was the day you started saving up money. It was the day you paid for that first date. It was the day you started lifting weights. It was the day you stopped eating Chippy and Kit-kat (who am I kidding).  Not clear enough? Ok, to make things even more clearer (for those who are a little slow) T-Day is actually “Tomorrow Day”! Still not ringing a bell? (hey, maybe you should start reading Archie instead? That’s where I started). You know, the day you live for another day? The day you can actually call as an investment for an even bigger day? Now were on the same page!

So, that would actually be my day tomorrow. Boring huh? According to my slave driver (my garmin forerunner) I need to run 11 miles at a 6:00 min/km pace.  I know it sounds really easy but imagine doing it alone for about an hour and a half? Crazy right? So with a year of experience with long distance running, I have developed my own remedy to combat boredom.

First, recite the lyrics of puso in my head, over and over again. (I told you it’s my current theme). “Para san pa mga galos mo kung titiklop ka lang? Titiklop ka lang? How can you get tired of that line?

Second, recite the multiplication table. This one really takes my mind away from what I am doing. There was even this one time in a race wherein I was speaking to myself. Saying 8 times seven? Eight times seven and then this old guy beside me answered fifty-six! Thank God he answered! I was suppose to say forty two!

Third, when sprinting, lift your hands to your sides and imagine you are flying. Just be sure to do this alone though (actually, I do this even during races). Yes, it may seem stupid because not only would you look stupid while doing this, I also got this idea from a stupid person as well, Pheobe from friends! To run like a child, feel carefree and yes,  truly free is priceless.

Fourth, choose a color then count the cars and persons you see in that color. Just be sure not to do this in a race, then mistakenly choose the color of the official race singlet (that can be just plain st***d! Please go back to Archie. Maybe today is your T-Day as well?

Runners cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at the start of the ING New York City Marathon

Haaayy, tomorrow maybe T-Day but this would be my November 7, 2010.

Fifth, keep your goal in mind because one day all the T-Days may account to something and I think it would definitely be more than the sum of its parts.

  1. Noel says:

    your first marathon is in NYC? swweeeet!

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