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Crazy Training

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Sprint
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Today wraps up my second month of training and so far I have not yet tapped out.  Ok, except for last Saturday wherein I was suppose to do an easy 3 mile. First of all it was just 3 miles! Not really worth waking up early in the morning (hmm.. yeah, just an excuse). Second, I was to do a 27.3 km run the next day, so I ditched my slave driver (my garmin),and third, it was going to be easy anyway! (just kiddin, every run starts kinda uneasy for me but I was extra sleepy that day).

So for the past 2 months, I wake up really early around 5 times a week. I usually start running while it is still dark, eat breakfast around 7:20 and go to work around 8 and surprisingly, I AM enjoying it! Crazy right? But the thing is, my state of craziness does not end there. Early this morning I realized that I can listen to a single song while running 12km! That would be more than an hour of listening to a song on repeat over and over and over again! Beat that! I won’t mention the song though (or else my ego would be beyond repair). To further my case, I noticed  that I am beginning to talk to myself  even more frequently. My early mornings would usually start with, “Jesy gising ka na!, Jesy ang tamad mo naman eh, Jesy bakit mo kinakausap sarili mo? Then on with the snooze button.

However, sundays would always be a different story for me and yes that means no snooze button at all. LSD sunday is actually the backbone of my training or at least that is what I heard. The last 3 sundays have been especially hard for me since I am running through uncharted territories (figuratively of course!). Here’s a secret, I may have completed a marathon, but the farthest training run I had was around 24km! So, after feeling the pain and humiliation I had in Singapore I promised to redeem myself in New York. 2 sundays ago, I ran 26 km almost entirely by myself. Last sunday, I ran a 21km at race pace (1:50:49, nice!) and yesterday, I finished a 27.30km run (with the help of the FFS Gang and the peeps!) and to top everything, I really enjoyed plus, my body did not protest at all! I always felt fine the next day! Finally, finally!!! I think all those crazy runs are paying off!

I guess being a marathoner does require a little bit of craziness. I could not think of a perfectly sane person who would do everything I am doing right now, just to run 42 km on a single day even if that run would be on the greatest city on earth! Imagine, that would actually be a 5 minute feeling of self worth against  3 months of sacrifice. Quite a good deal right?! (for a crazy person that is!). Who am I kiddin? Call me crazy but just the thought of it gives me goose bumps! ARGGG!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR NEW YORK!

However, running with crazy people has its perks as well, and I think this would definitely be one (of course nothing compares to running with you Gaile, even though you make me slower! hehe..)

Being a social climber myself, I counted the number of invites through the email thread and there would be less than 30 people!!! Am gonna take solo pictures with each one of these guys above!!! Oh and one more thing before I forget. Thank you God! All the Glory is Yours!


How to Tri?

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Sprint
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Every since the first staging of Iron Man Camsur, it has been at the back of mind to join a triathlon. Why? Simply because it’s the next thing to do after doing a marathon. Yes, some might say, I can chose to be an ultra marathoner but the thing is, running a marathon for almost 5 hours is boring enough for me, what more if I would be doing it for 8 hours? Not a chance.

So why triathlon? First, I think I can swim well. Actually I use to swim even before I started to run! I was forced to swim a lot when I was in college and during those times I was really on the heavy side. I think I was close to 180 lbs. Survival swimming was actually part of the of our P.E. then, together with mountain climbing (what kind of a school would require freshmen to do these, right?). In survival swimming, for us to pass the course, we were tasked to do around 25 laps in the Olympic pool. Then jump from a high board, (which I have no idea how high, but most likely around 3-stories) and then thread for 30 minutes without touching the sides of the pool (once you go near it, you fail and would have to repeat the whole thing next semester, bummer isn’t it) and mind you it was a really deep pool made for high diving. And it does not end there, lastly we would have to swim 50 meters under water without catching breathe, now this one, I did not get to pass. I tell you, it was not a pretty sight at all. You can actually see vomit around the pool,that’s how rigid our class was. However, right after passing the course I realized that I was starting to miss our twice a week swimming training, not to mention I was gaining weight really fast.  So even before the start of the new semester, I was back on the pool. Actually I only stopped swimming when I trained for my first marathon.

Second, I can bike. Not really good with it though because I am really terrible with balance and clumsy as hell. I tell you, I most likely would have the worst hand and body coordination if I would join a triathlon. Case in point, when I was in grade 5 and lining up for our flag ceremony, the high school volleyball varsity was doing their daily practice (yayabang ng mga yun!!!) near the quadrangle. So since I was the class president, I was asking everyone to line up properly, then boom! Right smack in my face, straight from a full spike, a volleyball ball in full collision right at the center. I tell you, I almost fainted right after but to save face, if there was even something left to save, I went straight to the corner and find a seat. My classmates were even suppose to put me on a stretcher because I was really pale (from shame most likely) but I said I was fine. So while seating at the sides, I remembered that I left my bag, so I went back. As soon as I was beginning to reach for my bag, BOOM! Would you believe it? I guess the probability would be at par with being struck by lightning twice, right? So again, right smack in the face, straight from a full spike, a volleyball ball in full collision at the center. I wasn’t brought to the clinic since I declined but now it got me thinking, maybe I wouldn’t be wishing for a rhinoplasty if I had better hand and body coordination (kiddin! but around how much does it cost nowadays? haha..)

Third, I think I can run. No point talking about this one, since the whole blog is basically about this one thing.

Now, why not? Well, that is simple! I don’t know how to and I don’t know anyone who I can ask! All I know is that I have to do all three activities and that I can do all three. Triathletes, seem to have this impenetrable clique, unto which I don’t have any idea how to join and how one works. In running, all you have to do is check out the running schedule in, register, then run! Easy right? In triathlon, I simply have no idea. Another reason would be the fact that I have a mountain bike and not a road bike. Simply because I worry for my life when in public roads since I have very poor balance. But now all this may change, Xterra, an off road triathlon is being brought here by the same guys who brought in Iron man and the distances they will initially offer seems to be simple enough and doable for beginners like me.

So what next? Right after my New York Marathon, I still don’t know but well see how soon I can tri.