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It’s Time!

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

I know I haven’t been able to write on my blog for a very long time. It doesn’t mean though that nothing note worthy happened within the month and a half. Actually, last month may be one of the most fruitful months I had as a runner.

Last month, I won two races from my home town Bulacan. The first one was in San Rafael, wherein I run a PR of 21:34 for a 5k race. Not bad right? It was the first time I ran in my hometown and I tell you even if my town, San Rafael doesn’t compare to the modernity if Fort Bonifacio, being cheered by your neighbors, even though you do not know most of them brings in a sense of accomplishment. Only bad thing about that race was it wasn’t a race after all! Haha, it was truly just a fun run. There wasn’t even a medal for the winners! Too bad, for us, the top three since we truly battled it out from the beginning!

The second one was in Baliuag. This race was a lot more organized since the running club of Baliuag organized it. The route was actually simple, it was a 6km loop from sm baliuag, then pass through the baliuag town center and then back to sm. Only problem about it was that they announced that it was going to be an 8km route even though it was 2km short. That day was an LSD day so I had to run 12km before the race (hey I really had no intention of racing this one) However, after about a kilometer, I realized that this could actually be my only chance of getting a medal, so run fast I did as much as I could. In the end, I got third place, which is not bad at all! Hey I ran twice the distance those guys did!

Hey even though I won from those two races. Last Sunday, I think was the most special day I had as a runner, of course except for the time I ran my first marathon in Singapore. May 2004 was the first time I have been to New York and even though I wasn’t a runner back then, I envied the people circling central park like rats. In central park, you would realize that the city, really is a running city. Even during the middle of the day the park is teeming with runners, and it actually has a festive feel with it. The runners may not be on a race that day but it certainly has a grandeur and feel of being in one. So I realized my 7 year dream last Sunday. I, at last was like a rat circling central park for 21km (which is just 2 loops around the park.) and yes, I almost cried. (tears of joy of course) The first 5km is actually the hardest since it was almost freezing, at the end of every run it feels like my face and hands has been dipped on iced water.

Today, I only had 20 mins to write this blog entry, I wish I have more time since I have a lot more to say but hey it’s time to get my race bib from the marathon expo. Tell you guys about it later. It’s gonna be another great day in the city of dreams!!