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Happy New Year!

I just realized that my blog almost completely skipped 2011. I tell you its not because it was an uneventful year, actually its quite the opposite. Time, I guess it might be a factor since I have been very busy the whole year but laziness, well that would most likely be the more accurate reason. Is there anyone out there who writes for relaxation? Talk to me but I would most likely find you boring. (Sorry Noel and Kathy, hehehe.) So nevermind.

However, I am starting to regret not writing about the events that happened last year because after recently reading my New York Marathon post (still the best marathon there is!) I realized I remember almost nothing with my other marathons. Ok, nothing may be quite stretch but still I don’t remember every detail compared to my NYC marathon. Right now, my memory is not serving me well as I hope it would, which makes backtracking the past not only laborious but I am starting to doubt its accuracy as well.

(DISCLAIMER: This blog is for family and friends. Reading this blog entry might be misleading for people who do not know me. Mayabang ako pero yung pasimple lang and sa entry na to hindi pasimple magiging dating ng pagkayabang ko. So stop reading if you don’t know me. Hehehe)

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia

24 half marathons, 2 local marathons- Milo and QCIM, 2 international marathons- Paris and Kuala Lumpur and 11 countries- Belgium,Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Vatican, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur and USA, I think that is what defined year 2011 for me. (sabi na kasing wag ng basahin eh. Hehe..)


2011 Marathon Medals


Last year was definitely a marathon year for running and traveling. 4 marathons, imagine that! For someone who weighed almost 200 lbs. before, I am proud of myself. I know it may not be something of a challenge compared to Eugenator, who is currently training for BDM Ultra marathon (pero nakalog naman na malamang utak nun). Let’s start with the Paris Marathon 2011 since that was where my last blog entry ended.


Paris Marathon 2011

Arc de Triumph- Paris Marathon starting line

Marathon in Paris!!! Who would have thought I would be doing that?! New York was actually a lot more that I prayed for and yet I was blessed with another epic marathon. I tell you guys, we can never measure God’s greatness. So let us never try to measure Him up with our limited minds and measure His greatness I never did in Paris.
I actually ran Paris Marathon without proper training. I trained for 3 months before the marathon but since the race was part of a month long trip in Europe I ended up just doing a couple of 21km runs. One in Amsterdam, another one in Valencia and Venice and lastly in London. Each city has its own character but if I were to choose the best one, with the risk of being cheesy I would pick Venice. There is something about running in its claustrophobic alleys and century old wooden bridges but the best experience was accidentally running into St.Mark’s Square. Having the square on your own while the sun is slowly rising to hit the gilded mosaic facade of the St. Mark’s basilica and the bell tower was an experience even Hollywood has failed to portray. (I could go on and on about the run but I am here to talk about Paris so back to the topic.)


Like every other international race the Marathon experience starts with the marathon expo and this expo starts with a very, very long line. It took me almost an hour to get into the venue and almost 30 minutes more to get my race kit. With the huge amount of people and the vast expanse of the exposition hall its impossible not to get hyped about the race and over hyped I was, since I instinctively splurged on the Asics’ branded marathon memorabilia. Up to this day I am regretting those purchases, such a waste. Good thing was I had to leave early since it was race day the next day.

I have always thought that the Paris Marathon would include running under the Eiffle tower. Well it does not. We did pass by it though which makes it a little better. The race starts and ends right in front of the Arc de Triumph which was really great. I think it was the right choice since it was the most accessible one and almost all major roads in the city leads to that circle so you can never lost. The whole race was basically a running tour of the city. We passed by the louvre, notredame cathedral, the paris opera, a modern building by renzo piano (too lazy to google the name) and a lot more old buildings. Its was a loop course that traces the river seine, which seems endless during the race. There were a lot of people watching and cheering at some parts of the city but once we got to the parks it was just the pavement, trees and runners. The roads were not as wide as I hoped it to be so there a lot of human traffic as well. This race is not a PR breaker, there were too many elevation changes and cobbled streets can be a challenge after loosing its novelty.

Overall Paris has its own charms as a city which makes it great to run a marathon into but the marathon itself was a bit flat. A lot more people in the streets could have given the race more soul. I can compare it to the singapore marathon. Great city, bland marathon experience but who cares you are in Paris anyway!

Time: 3:57:00


Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2011

Kuala Lumpur Mrathon 2011

Around 2 months after I did Paris, I went to Kuala Lumpur. I treated this race as my peak for my Milo 2011 qualifiers. So I took it easy. Thank God for cebu pacific, air asia and tiger airways. These airlines made regional travelling (as well as over spending) a lot more doable. Next time you guys are here, try staying at Tune Hotels I think I paid only 600php per night. (Ang mura! Pero di pangsosyal yan ha attention kathy) but it was clean, it has a great shower and bed and near a monorail station that is all you will need anyway. It was my second time being there yet the only place I have been to previously was the Petronas towers. So this time, I went to Putrajaya, Genting highlands and Bukit Bintang. Ang ganda nung white bridge sa putrajaya. Best bridge I have seen so far, even better than the ones made by Calatrava. Sa bukit bintang naman best indoor mall for me was the Pavilion plus inside it is the trusted Food Republic which means I was basically there everyday.

Going back to the race, let me start with the expo again. The Kl Marathon expo was sponsored by timex. I remember because that is where I bought my extremely cheap timex tap watch. The expo area was I think the place where they hosted the commonwealth games because there were so many different stadiums clustered together (just consult google on this one). Unlike paris it was pretty easier to go through the entire process. I think I was in and out in less than an hour. Majority of the time I was just pondering upon purchasing the watch.

The race started in Merdeka square, Luneta’s counterpart. Actually it was quite impressive as well. Compared to Singapore this one has a lot more historical and cultural side. There were these lighted old moorish buildings which reminds you that you are in Malaysia I think Manila should start restoring and lighting our historical buildings as well. The race started very early in the morning. It was dark for more than an hour of running. Sometimes you even have to slow down your pace just to be sure that you are not going to trip into something. The race was a loop course circling most of KL so there were times that we had to run through expressways that were partially closed. It went through the CBD, little india which by the way has a porcelain tile roadway, some rich communities which remind me of forbes park but only with a lot more space and trees and less the walls and  finally a lot of trees and hills especially near the end. The view however was nice since you get to see most of KL. The good thing was that the roads weren’t very crowded. Downside was they didn’t turn on the petronas lights early in the morning for that runners to see. Overall I liked this race a lot maybe because of the weather or the course or the people. This may sound crazy but I would rank it right beside Paris and since KL is less than half the cost of Paris, KL beats Paris.

Time: 4:03:00

Sorry, I have not done justice to both marathons.. Can’t remember anything else right now so I will just constantly add on this one.

Next: Milo 2011, Camsur 2011 and QCIM 2011 and USA runs… ang haba na masyado eh.. pahinga muna..

Next target Kona...di ko lam pano turn


Crazy Training

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Sprint
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Today wraps up my second month of training and so far I have not yet tapped out.  Ok, except for last Saturday wherein I was suppose to do an easy 3 mile. First of all it was just 3 miles! Not really worth waking up early in the morning (hmm.. yeah, just an excuse). Second, I was to do a 27.3 km run the next day, so I ditched my slave driver (my garmin),and third, it was going to be easy anyway! (just kiddin, every run starts kinda uneasy for me but I was extra sleepy that day).

So for the past 2 months, I wake up really early around 5 times a week. I usually start running while it is still dark, eat breakfast around 7:20 and go to work around 8 and surprisingly, I AM enjoying it! Crazy right? But the thing is, my state of craziness does not end there. Early this morning I realized that I can listen to a single song while running 12km! That would be more than an hour of listening to a song on repeat over and over and over again! Beat that! I won’t mention the song though (or else my ego would be beyond repair). To further my case, I noticed  that I am beginning to talk to myself  even more frequently. My early mornings would usually start with, “Jesy gising ka na!, Jesy ang tamad mo naman eh, Jesy bakit mo kinakausap sarili mo? Then on with the snooze button.

However, sundays would always be a different story for me and yes that means no snooze button at all. LSD sunday is actually the backbone of my training or at least that is what I heard. The last 3 sundays have been especially hard for me since I am running through uncharted territories (figuratively of course!). Here’s a secret, I may have completed a marathon, but the farthest training run I had was around 24km! So, after feeling the pain and humiliation I had in Singapore I promised to redeem myself in New York. 2 sundays ago, I ran 26 km almost entirely by myself. Last sunday, I ran a 21km at race pace (1:50:49, nice!) and yesterday, I finished a 27.30km run (with the help of the FFS Gang and the peeps!) and to top everything, I really enjoyed plus, my body did not protest at all! I always felt fine the next day! Finally, finally!!! I think all those crazy runs are paying off!

I guess being a marathoner does require a little bit of craziness. I could not think of a perfectly sane person who would do everything I am doing right now, just to run 42 km on a single day even if that run would be on the greatest city on earth! Imagine, that would actually be a 5 minute feeling of self worth against  3 months of sacrifice. Quite a good deal right?! (for a crazy person that is!). Who am I kiddin? Call me crazy but just the thought of it gives me goose bumps! ARGGG!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR NEW YORK!

However, running with crazy people has its perks as well, and I think this would definitely be one (of course nothing compares to running with you Gaile, even though you make me slower! hehe..)

Being a social climber myself, I counted the number of invites through the email thread and there would be less than 30 people!!! Am gonna take solo pictures with each one of these guys above!!! Oh and one more thing before I forget. Thank you God! All the Glory is Yours!

T-Day is coming!

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Sprint
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Training for a marathon has its ups and downs. Imagine doing things you would not normally do for almost four months just for a half day event. How crazy is that right? A perfect example would be what I would be doing tomorrow morning. First, I would have to sleep early and make an excuse not to go to karaoke night with friends (not much of a secret now). Second, I would have to wake up early on a Sunday morning and mind you, I do not have a two day weekend job. Sunday is suppose to be my only rest day. Now, the second part can actually be enjoying especially if I would be waking up for a Runrio event but the thing is, tomorrow is actually one of my most dreaded days. Tomorrow is  T-Day. Haaaaay…

Ok for those with question marks on their foreheads, let me clear things up. T-Day was actually the day wherein you practiced with your piano when you were young. It was the day you studied accounting. It was the day you started saving up money. It was the day you paid for that first date. It was the day you started lifting weights. It was the day you stopped eating Chippy and Kit-kat (who am I kidding).  Not clear enough? Ok, to make things even more clearer (for those who are a little slow) T-Day is actually “Tomorrow Day”! Still not ringing a bell? (hey, maybe you should start reading Archie instead? That’s where I started). You know, the day you live for another day? The day you can actually call as an investment for an even bigger day? Now were on the same page!

So, that would actually be my day tomorrow. Boring huh? According to my slave driver (my garmin forerunner) I need to run 11 miles at a 6:00 min/km pace.  I know it sounds really easy but imagine doing it alone for about an hour and a half? Crazy right? So with a year of experience with long distance running, I have developed my own remedy to combat boredom.

First, recite the lyrics of puso in my head, over and over again. (I told you it’s my current theme). “Para san pa mga galos mo kung titiklop ka lang? Titiklop ka lang? How can you get tired of that line?

Second, recite the multiplication table. This one really takes my mind away from what I am doing. There was even this one time in a race wherein I was speaking to myself. Saying 8 times seven? Eight times seven and then this old guy beside me answered fifty-six! Thank God he answered! I was suppose to say forty two!

Third, when sprinting, lift your hands to your sides and imagine you are flying. Just be sure to do this alone though (actually, I do this even during races). Yes, it may seem stupid because not only would you look stupid while doing this, I also got this idea from a stupid person as well, Pheobe from friends! To run like a child, feel carefree and yes,  truly free is priceless.

Fourth, choose a color then count the cars and persons you see in that color. Just be sure not to do this in a race, then mistakenly choose the color of the official race singlet (that can be just plain st***d! Please go back to Archie. Maybe today is your T-Day as well?

Runners cross the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at the start of the ING New York City Marathon

Haaayy, tomorrow maybe T-Day but this would be my November 7, 2010.

Fifth, keep your goal in mind because one day all the T-Days may account to something and I think it would definitely be more than the sum of its parts.

Hmm, now that I am thinking about it, the title does seem like I am quitting running. Well, I am not. To clear things up (with an imperial Rome tone), I sprinting swine, here by announce that it was my shoe who have given up on me and not vice versa. So i guess lady luck is truly on my side with this one. First day of training right after my first blog entry and there it was, my shoe sole just went awol on me.

How it happened  was actually one of the most embarrassing moments in my life although it would not reach my top 10. Definitely not. Let’s just say I have been through unimaginable cases. Jumping straight into a clear glass wall in a hotel and fainting right after would probably be at the tail end. Oh another one would be helping a girl, a complete stranger mind you, park her car and end up crashing it to another car.

Well, what happened earlier was weak compared to some of my cases, although I bet some people might even cringe with the thought of it. So there I was, smack in the middle treadmill of Fitness First Gym (Fact: I always stay in the middle for people to notice how long I have been running, even though the sweat in my shirt more than makes up for it. Like what I said before, a little audience can pressure you to do things you would not normally do) back to the story, so there I was, pumping myself up with puso by sponge cola which is my current power song. I then hit the treadmill quick start button with my ipod playing “matalo kung matalo, wag ka sanang magkakamaling sumuko nalang wooho” right on que. With this mantra in my head, how can I run a slow warm up? Right there and then I switched it from a slow jog to a full sprint and I was really feeling it. (By now, I knew the person beside me is trying to glance at my speed.) Today is actually one of those days wherein running does not feel like a chore at all. So all hyped up, I even tried to sing-along for a bit “para san pa mga galos mo kung titiklop ka lang, titiklop ka lang? (not too loud of course) Then boom! Right in front of me is a black UFO flying just in the right trajectory to hit the person running in front. Touchdown!!!

After explaining and giving out even more awkward remarks, I was running through high street. Not really running away because of embarrassment but more of looking for a new shoe. What was I suppose to do? I was all hyped up! This moment may never come back. “Para san pa mga galos ko kung titiklop lang?” So I ended up buying a nike vomero, which literally feels like running on marshmallows. So I guess I was really lucky today since I hated my old shoe plus I now have a great new shoe which I bought on sale! Right on my way back to gym I went on a detour to eat a croissant in starbucks with my current addiction, the dark coffee jelly frap, not because I was hungry but only because I had to make sure my treadmill neighbors were all gone.


Kilometer 0

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So I was thinking of something witty for my title. Something that would describe my hobby which is running of course and at the same time be not too generic. While doing so, Rome, the HBO mini series and my current addiction is playing in the background and they were talking about swines for no reason. I am tempted to say that that was my eureka moment but actually it was not. Not at all. So I kept on thinking more while eating my kit-kat (after finishing 4 pieces of krispy kreme original glaze of course.. hmm.. sooo goood..) in bed and then there it was, the moment I felt like a pig and as if in synchrony I heard the word swine yet again. I am not even sure what they were talking about during that episode however I knew the word swine should be in my title, and thus the sprinting swine was born. Good thing those two words though completely opposite actually rhymes.

So being a sprinting swine, you can say that I am not the fastest runner out there. True. I have been running for a year and a half and the farthest I have ran is a full marathon. Luckily I was able to finish the Singapore Marathon 2009 for my first year anniversary as a runner although it was waaaay below my target. Hey I even saw the bullrunner, finish way ahead of me. I hated the feeling of running during that time not because of the route since Singapore isthe best city there is but simply because I knew I was not prepared for it. Right after my 10th km I was already  feeling fatigued and there was this clicking sound on my right knee (irritating) which could nothing be but bad news. So during the marathon I promised myself not to let poor me endure that pain again. Hell I was wrong, right after crossing the finish line while limping of course, I told myself that I would outdo 2009.

crazy people in singapore 2009

So as a protest against the sport that inflicted me with unbearable pain and disappointment I stopped running for almost 2 months. Boy was the swine in me really happy during that time. But that was until the lottery results for the best marathon in the world, the New York City Marathon came out. Yes! I was accepted with my first try. I guess that was the universe telling me to keep on running and stop eating kit-kat and so I did, run that is, after all, its the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Today is actually my third week in training so far I feel good not fast nor strong but good enough.

So I am actually writing this blog just to keep myself on track with my training. Being a natural swine makes it hard to stay far from sweets like my dear kit-kat but having a blog somehow  makes training a little bit easier especially if you are trying to show off. So, I will be posting my daily runs here if anything special happens and of course my almost weekly weekend races. Let’s see how far this sprinting swine can go. Oh I forgot, I am aiming for a sub 4-hours. So I really need all the luck I can get. Swine swinging out. (rhymes yet again)